Monday Miscellany: Too hot to do anything

Happy Monday! Last week we had a mini heatwave, it was intense, it was 37C in my house on Thursday, I took many coldish baths and sat in front of fan. It’s calmed down now and thank God. So we are still going to hell in a handcart but I’m with Dante, hell is cold…

So aside from the heat, it was a fairly average week, work, I saw Kathy, Adam and children on Wednesday night when I went to pick some shelves and Kathy and the children again early Thursday morning for a plot tour. The kids were so funny, trying to work out what they could pick and identifying (or not) what was growing!

Friday was a day off and a much needed haircut! My hair is back to looking good again and what magic is it that I look less grey after a haircut even though I don’t colour it anymore? Also I swear my teeth look more wonky as I get older!

On Saturday Ma and I went to the theatre. We saw The Lehman Trilogy and if theatre is your thing, this is worth seeing, three actors being technically and emotionally brilliant! Even if we were in the gods and the ice cream was nearly a fiver!Afterwards we had dinner at Brasserie Zedel and the pinkest napkins that ever were!Sunday was a day for allotment and laundry. Awesome and busy. The plot is green after all the heat and then the rain and the shed is tidy!This week is my last week before a week off and the first week of a new boss, or at least a new person to look after. So make sure everything is handed over, tidy the flat before the family arrive for lunch next Sunday, allotment tidy on Saturday, and pack for going to Newcastle on Monday and having birthday fun!

What is everyone else up to?


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