Monday Miscellany: Not cooking with gas

Happy Monday!

Today I am working from home because on Friday, Cadent who are currently replacing the gas mains, cut off my gas supply and didn’t get around to replacing the main, or connecting my house to the main. They did re-site my meter but I’m not giving any point for trying! It’s one thing not to have a hob on which to cook, it’s another altogether not to have hot water or heating.I know it’s a first world problem, and I still have a roof over my head and running water and friends who let me shower at their house (and fed me!) and that it’s May and therefore I wouldn’t have the heating on anyway, however it’s the completely rubbish project management and although I knew they were doing the works, they didn’t tell me when they would be doing the works and it was sheer co-incidence that I was working from home on Friday! I’m beginning to understand why the work planned for November 2018 is just being done in May 2019!

Other than my brief sojourn in the 1950’s (seriously, I’ve boiled the kettle 5 times already this morning, to wash, to do the washing up, to have coffee and so on!), last week was relatively uneventful. We babysat at the weekend, both nephews were lovely, one of them is getting lippy and the other wants to be referred to only as Batman (I’ll leave you to guess which was which!), on Sunday we planted up an enormous amount of tomato seedlings, there are more to do but I ran out of pots, the living room is not a great greenhouse but it’s what I’ve got!

Plans for this week are work, pot up the rest of the seedlings, clean my house and make sure that I’m organised for work and everything else, vote, buy more compost for the allotment, and then prep myself for a bank holiday, which will mostly consist of planting things out and tidying the allotment, there’s a lot to do!

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