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Allotment Adventures: Back to rain

We came back on Saturday to a downpour, which didn’t really stop on Sunday. The plot is looking autumnal and bedraggled. So we went to the plot for kale, chard, leeks and raspberries! One of the rhubarb is still alive … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Pests

This week in allotment adventures the broad beans have blackfly. I can cope with having to cover all the beds because otherwise the foxes dig them up, I can more or less handle the foxes trying to treat my raised … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: We did nothing

We had plans for Saturday but it was raining and I felt ill and so we did nothing. I went round with compost and coffee and to have a quick look but that was it! The borage is still in … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Plant all the things

Work on the plot this week was all about planting because I’m ready to do that. While Ma weeded, I planted out the crookneck, patty pan squash and courgettes, some of the tomatoes (Jen’s Tangerine Cherry and Orange Banana) and … Continue reading

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Getting a grip on a bad mood

Sometimes I need a kick up the backside. On Monday that was so true. Three days off and I had totally lost my work mojo, it’s funny how a longer holiday brings me back to work feeling refreshed an ready to … Continue reading

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Life happening..

The weather is being weird. It’s warm, it’s grey and it rains a bit.  The Met Office is promising hot and sunny until Wednesday when the heat will ’cause rain. Lovely. The Met Office is also having a meeting of … Continue reading

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Saturday walk

Last week’s walk was rained off, Ma and I went to visit ‘the plague’ (Grandad asked us to scatter his ashes around the rosebush where Iris’ (my Grandma) where scattered and put up a plague, the mis-spelling stuck) and put … Continue reading

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Bus Drivers can be infuriating…

It’s raining, it’s dark, I’m totally shattered. Tonight is a bootcamp night though, I’ve rushed home from work, changed and am at the bus stop by 6.20pm. I have to confess I’m feeling pretty good about being hardcore enough to … Continue reading

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Thankful – Day 3

It starts to rain as I leave Kathy’s and by the time I’m home, I’m wet to my knees. But I get home, to a warm flat, a change of clothes, Radio 4 and a cup of mint tea. It’s … Continue reading

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British Weather….

..or why I always have sunglasses and an umbrella in my handbag… Keeping in mind that it’s June and we’re it’s summertime… This was the view from underneath the umbrella on the way to work This was the sky on … Continue reading

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