Tuesday Miscellany: It’s my Monday

Happy Tuesday! If you have a office job and are in the UK (or the US), you’ve had Monday off work and today is your Monday and it’s a four day week, so it’s the week that should feel shorten but you have to fit all your work into four days AND it’s half term here so the office is a ghost town as lots of parents are on leave to look after their offspring.

This week, I’m also looking after the CRO, as well as one of mine AND talking to/working out how I’m going to support the two new people that I’m going to be looking after, as the two I already support for transition out of the company. Friday was a day full of conference calls! In the time I’ve had this blog, I’ve had five jobs and two significant periods of unemployment, also during that time I had a job for seven years. It’s been stable and unstable, so it was a relief to know, when I found out that Mike and Sam were leaving at the the end of June, that my role was ok, I have apparently (without knowing that I was doing it) made a case for keeping me on and I’m likely to be much busier over the coming months, which is how I like it.

The rest of last week was fine, I got my gas reconnected on Monday (bloody Cadent), had a busy midweek because of unexpected meetings. I ended up minuting a meeting that I wasn’t expecting to and it involved moving between venues, I got my steps in but my boss was laughing very hard as I dashed into the meeting (on time but very red) for the meeting!

Ma and I bought 299 litres of compost and planted everything out! I also managed to bake a bit and read three and half books!

Because I’m busy this week, I’m working on washing all the plant pots, potting up the basil and tomatoes, walking more and generally being more in control (I pretty much say that every week I think), trying not to shout at the radio when Brexiteers are talking nonsense and trying not to be jealous about my brother and sis-in-law being on holiday this week. Look at these boys, so cute, so nice to each other, so unusual!

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