Handmade Christmas – Wrist warmers

I quite like knitting. What I like about it is it’s simplicity. I know that knitting doesn’t have to to be simple but I’m pretty rubbish at remembering where I am in the pattern and although I knitted a cardigan for Oli when he was born, I mostly I stick to scarves and the occasional hat.

This year I’ve diversified to wrist warmers. (Please excuse the pictures I took at ridiculous o’clock this morning!)



They are fairly simple, I made it up as I went along, so this isn’t really a pattern.

I used, this wool (Rowan 4 ply cotton merino), on 3.75mm bamboo needles, cast on 40 stitches and after a row or two of knit, I did as many rows of knit one, purl one until I got the length I wanted. Then I just cast off and sewed together remembering to leave a gap for a thumb.



I think they look pretty good, they are easy to make and in the age of smart phones more useful than mittens!

My plan is to put them together with a matching scarf, a jar of hand-scrub and some other nice hand related things, maybe some hand cream or nail varnish or something.


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