Handmade Christmas – Biscuit Tins

One of my more expensive habits is Illy coffee, which comes in lovely tins.


Tins that mostly end up in the recycling, because I can’t think of anything to do with them. When I was thinking about Christmas and handing out bags full of good things to eat, it occurred to me that the Illy tins would make good containers for these biscuits. Apart from anything else I like the idea of giving people biscuits that are really good with coffee, in tins that used to have coffee in them. With an idea and some spray paint, I was away…

If I was a more organised person I would have taken photos as I did this to show you the process of primer, spray paint and clear top coat. However, I’m not at all organised and I didn’t take pictures but I think they look pretty good. I decided that silver was the way to go as it wasn’t far off the actual colour of the tin. Filled with biscuits, I think they make a pretty good present!


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