Friday Links

Happy Friday. I am so pleased to see the back of this endless slog of a week! Here are this week’s links…

In this week’s ‘Oh sweet baby Jesus, what has he done now?’ segment

What happens when Trump attacks people via Tweet. This is the next leader of the free world, the mind boggles..

The Vanity Fair review of the Trump Grill(e) could not sum up the man better.

The people with Obamacare that voted for Trump. This is fascinating and scary and honestly, I’ve never been happier to live in the world of ‘socialised’ medicine.

Ivanka Trump’s Terrible Book helps explain the Trump Family Ethos

Other stuff

The man who would like to ban abortion in Ohio (and presumable elsewhere) has never considered why woman might have them. Christ on a bike. Here’s a few ideas as to why a woman might consider an abortion, I’m sure there are others.

The cult of compulsory happiness is ruining our workplaces. The more an employer talks about making their staff happy, the less happy their staff seem to be. As my friend Tina once said to me about being a good manager/employer, “treat people decently and let them get on with it”.

Hadley Freeman on Theresa May’s leather trousers and the resulting spat with Nicky Morgan.

Christmas at a Food Bank. I know it means more work for the volunteers (sorry Ma) but look up your local foodbank, see what they need and donate something. No one should have to live like that but as they do, we need to help.

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