Monday Miscellany: Finally it’s February

Happy Monday!

I’m so glad January is over! Ok, February is still not spring but it’s getting closer and the trees in my street are in blossom!

The last week of January was as to be expected, I spent Tuesday fighting off a migraine and Wednesday with another bout of ‘inexplicable fever except no fever’. I’m not sure what it is but the doctor is going to hate me because I’m going to keep booking appointments until we find out what it is!

On Friday, I went to Sue and Richard’s for dinner and we all agreed that we should do it more often, everyone is at that time of life, were there doesn’t seem to be much time! But it was fun. On Saturday, Ma and I worked on the plot, had a lovely dinner and I introduced her to ‘Sex Education‘ which I love and she thought was pretty funny.

Sunday was for shopping and prep for the week and here we are.

This week, is work, David Copperfield, more work and a much needed haircut!

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