The weekend

Last week seemed like a hard week, I was so glad that the week was done with and ready to have a relaxing weekend.

Dev came round on Friday with wine. Selected because it was on special offer and he liked the label!


I generally don’t use the living room in the week, I tend to get home, camp in the kitchen and then it’s bedtime (this is one of the joys of having a kitchen big enough to have a table it it!) Friday night is usually the night I remember there’s another room in the flat. It wasn’t that cold but it was dark and for the first time this season, I drew the curtains and lit the candles…


Saturday I was up early and out of the house to trek to Jane’s for a much needed hair cut and catch up at least the sun was shining..


Lunch with Ma and a very dodgy photo


Home on the dreaded 65 bus.  I can’t escape the need to use this bus and it was hot and seemed to take ages but the view was quite nice!


Time to change the nail varnish, blue this week.

Jen and Jonny have been married 25 years, they had a party to celebrate. I didn’t get many photos but this one is of their very talented boys, Harry and Joel, who gave a speech (Joel) and a poem (Harry). Both were funny and just very lovely.

Sunday was a very quiet day catching up on stuff. When I was a kid I was convinced that being a grown up would be about staying up late and eating ice cream whenever I wanted! As a ‘grown up’ and I use the term loosely, I realise it’s more about housework, laundry and getting to bed early so I’m fit for work! On that note, this weekend I gave into the change of seasons and set the wake-up lamp. I hate having to do that, winter is not a fun happy time for me and I have to work to be positive about this.

That was the weekend and now it’s back to work.  This week is quiet and with the exception of dinner (and champagne!) at Sarah’s on Thursday, it’s all about work, exercise* having a gym buddy at work is really motivating and a little bit of prep for my holiday which is now only 2 weeks away!

Happy Monday people!

*this week’s plan is:

Monday – Dynamic Yoga

Tuesday – Body Pump

Wednesday – Treadmill and Pyramids

Thursday – Body Balance

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