Monday Miscellany

It’s a bank holiday! So today I’m not starting the week of work but running off to the allotment.

Last week was another not good week for my clothing, or more accurately my shoes, the zip of my favourite black work boots died, while I was at work. I had to go home with a hairband around my boot to hold it up. It was not fun. They and the other pair of boots that have a hole in them will have to go to the menders in the vain hope they can be saved.

Next Sunday is Mother’s Day in the US. So my social media at the moment is all about Mother’s Day. Here we did it in March so I’m slightly bemused. It’s also worth pointing out that every day is Mother’s Day in our family, every day I pick up a copy of the Evening Standard so she can do the codeword and I am her supplier of marmalade and rhubarb compote and bread pudding (all the major food groups). I’m also waiting for the onslaught of ‘why Mother’s Day is really hard for some people’ posts too…Other than watering, I haven’t done much work on the plot, that happens today but I did get to the community work day on Saturday and we worked hard. Every time I go to one of those days, I feel better for making the effort, knackered but better and every time, I am thankful for the committee who do so much to make the site such a nice place to be and grow.I went to dinner at Christelle and Mike’s on Saturday and we walked the dog on Sunday morning. Some of my friends have children, others have dogs. Of course some of them have children and dogs but not at the same time, the dogs arrived when the children left! But this is the newest, she’s a lovely dog, mostly very well behaved for a puppy and like her owners, likes her own way, so just occasionally….

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