My life is full of things I really don’t need and really can’t afford but would like anyway. As I’ve apparently hit the difficult to buy for stage of my life i.e. I don’t think I’m hard to buy for but I do have all the essentials, there’s nothing I really need and everything I do want is expensive.  On my wish list currently is a wardrobe, kitchen chairs, a kitchen aid and a new computer. Which are all for me to buy and not anything I would ask for as a present. When asked what I’d like for birthdays or Christmas, I’m pushed to think of something to ask for because I don’t want to sound greedy and because I don’t actually need anything!

However, the world is full of lovely things and I like buying presents for other people. I’m always vaguely horrified to find that lots of people hate buying presents and can’t think of anything to buy others. I can think of loads of things, the only thing I lack is cash! Presents and the buying of them are on my mind at the moment because next Saturday is the beginning of my own personal ‘birthday season’ from now until January – Oli, Christelle, Jane, Ma, Helene and Luc, Ms T, Charles, Jo, Ryan and, Claire. Of those birthdays four, (Christelle, Charles, Ryan and Claire) are landmark birthdays. Oh yeah and there’s Christmas coming too….

So over the next couple of months, I’m going to link to stuff I have seen around and think would make a good gift, some of it I have for me, some of it I’ve been given, some of it I’ve given and some of it I’d like to give.

These boards from Oak and Rope are lovely. You can personalise them too.

If you have a foodie (who isn’t a vegetarian) in you life, then Hawksmoor At Home cookbook is a delight. It’s been well used in my house and it’s worth buying even if you only read the how to cook a steak at home properly and the cocktail section!

While I’m on a food and drink theme, I really like these glasses made out of old bottles. They’re sold by Bottles and Wood  in the US but I have quite a few IBC Rootbeer bottles at home so I might have to try my hand at this!






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  1. micklively says:

    Happiness is coveting nothing.

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