Catching up..

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m broken.

There is the mysterious rash that is still on my chest and still mysterious. There is my back that decided that working was not something it wanted to do on Saturday and has been hurting ever since. Seriously, it only hurts a little bit when I’m lying flat on my back with my feet on the sofa, unfortunately there is not a lot you can do lying flat on your back with your feet on the sofa, so movement and pain is what I’ve been doing because there is only so long that this view is interesting for!



Added to the current mix there is the feeling blah and the ongoing two weeks a month of hormonal migraine fun. I just don’t feel well, however, I don’t really feel that sick either, I’m tired but honestly there’s nothing wrong with me that a three month holiday wouldn’t sort out. So I don’t think I’m actually ill, I just think that I’m 40 and tired and there’s only another 27 year to go until I retire!

So apart from all this sickness that isn’t really sickness, what else is new?

Well godchild no 3 (that’s Luc) broke his wrist on Good Friday, godchild no 1 (Ryan) got engaged, he’s 29 so that’s perfectly allowable but man I feel old now. I made lots of cinnamon rolls  and roasted lamb over the Easter weekend.


Generally, despite the pain I’m currently in,, the sun is shining and although I have a ton of stuff to do, my life is pretty great.

And that’s about it for today….

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