Monday Miscellany: Reality Bites

Happy Monday!

Last week was back to work, with a small twist, that twist being a Tuesday morning LFT with a very faint positive. I had a sore throat and was very tired (but that could be any day of the week in hayfever season and I’m always tired!). It’s half term week this week, so I didn’t want to go into the office and give anyone about to go away COVID, so I worked from home, I had a faint positive on Wednesday, didn’t test on Thursday and was all clear on Friday.

If it was COVID, for me it was a sore throat and feeling knackered, I was in bed stupidly early for most of the week because I just wanted to sleep. Again not a surprise because when I’m under the weather, I always want to sleep. Ma didn’t test positive and I’d spend most of the week and weekend with her so I’m inclined to think it was a bug, Saturday was the first day my throat wasn’t sore and I did a test on Sunday morning because Tom was coming over with Ivy and that was negative too. Who knows?

So my week was pretty quiet. We got loads done on the plot, Ma’s team won the Champions League (so the family are all £10 poorer, with the exception of Ma who is £40 richer) and on Sunday I had a visit from Tom and Ivy.

Ivy still has her dubious face, I like her, she takes her time to get to know you, she did warm up (I think feeding her raspberries and giving her flowers helped!). It was also lovely to see Tom and he’s promised to come again!

Today is my only day at work, I needed to have tomorrow off work for a haircut and given that we have Thursday and Friday off for the Bank Holiday, I thought I’d just take two days and have a straight four days off. The plan is a day at the allotment and a visit to Osterley House, I haven’t been since I was 15 so it’ll be interesting to see what I remember.

Have a good week.

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