Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

I’ve been using Oddbox for about a year now. I’ve settled into a small veg box and a fruit booster very other week and it’s been useful for making sure I get a lot of veg. I may stop the veg box in the summer but so far so good.

I get get kiwis quite a lot and I’m not keen on eating them as is and there aren’t a lot of ways to cook kiwis.

I thought I’d make a smoothie pack (I used to do this quite a bit). The week I did this I had apples and spinach in the Oddbox to. I did need to buy bananas but I collect the single ones rather than a bunch so I can get the right amount.

Yes for the sake of this photo, I poured smoothie into a wine glass…

I made up the smoothie packs with one kiwi, half an apple, half a banana, a handful of spinach. In the morning I add half a cup of whole yoghurt and half a cup of water and blend.

They are really handy to have in the freezer, especially on the days that I go into the office because breakfast is harder when I have to leave the house at 7:30 in the morning, what I don’t get to drinking before I leave the house, I can stick in a flask and finish in the office.

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