Monday Miscellany: Post Holiday Blues

Happy Monday!

We had a fabulous couple of days in Newcastle, it is my favourite UK city after London and the only one I’d contemplate living in full time if I didn’t already live in London. (Although I would also consider Dublin and Paris – although they would be difficult to live in given that we’re not in the EU anymore and I’m really conflicted about applying for an Irish passport*)

We went to Tynemouth and Seaton Delaval and the Baltic. I love the Baltic, it’s just the right amount of space to do enough art, I find the Tate and Tate Modern can be a little bit overwhelming (but I also need to go more often and then it would be less overwhelming!) I love self catering holidays but there was something lovely about not cooking at all for three days. Every morning, I got up and walked along the Quayside to Greggs to pick up coffee and bacon rolls for Ma and I to eat while we planned our day. We ate at Riley’s in Tynemouth, Six at the Baltic (thanks to Laura for the rec) and the Real Greek on our first night. It was delightful.

We got back on Thursday afternoon, and I spent the weekend sorting myself out and tending to the plot.

This week, I’m all about home and work because I have this week and Monday and then I’m on leave again, this time to do more boring things, like have a haircut and sort of the cupboard of doom!

Have a good week!

*possibly a post for another time but my while I could work it out and apply for an Irish passport, it feels like I’m taking advantage of an entire nation to get the advantages of an EU passport. I have a complicated enough relationship with my Dad (yes he’s been dead for 20 odd years – what of it?). Aside from anything else, Dad had pretty strong feelings about claiming to be from a country that he didn’t grow up in. He used to say that he was born in the UK, housed in the UK, educated in the UK and didn’t have to deal with any of the Church nonsense that that his cousins in Ireland had to deal with, so no he was British and of Irish descent. I would say that I’m English but I also know that he always said British and not English, (he was the child of immigrants and it’s complicated).

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