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Kiwi, Apple and Spinach Smoothie

I’ve been using Oddbox for about a year now. I’ve settled into a small veg box and a fruit booster very other week and it’s been useful for making sure I get a lot of veg. I may stop the … Continue reading

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Seaton Delaval Hall

I’ve been saying that we should visit Seaton Delaval Hall for ages and I finally got Ma to agree as the 40-ish minute bus ride from Newcastle seemed like a better prospect than the drive from Amble did last year. … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Post Holiday Blues

Happy Monday! We had a fabulous couple of days in Newcastle, it is my favourite UK city after London and the only one I’d contemplate living in full time if I didn’t already live in London. (Although I would also … Continue reading

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Friday Links: A break from the news

Happy Friday! I’m back from holiday and had a lovely time, links below… Want to know why food prices won’t go down any time soon? Ask a farmer The most versatile flower in your garden? Meet the California poppy. Once … Continue reading

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Recommended: Riley’s Fish Shack

On Tuesday, we went to Tynemouth. We visited the Priory and then walked to King Edward’s Bay to have lunch at Riley’s Fish Shack. We didn’t book, but they were happy to set us up with two deckchairs, a table … Continue reading

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The irises on the plot came up just in time for my grandmother’s birthday. Iris Lillian Bright was (I’m told) named Iris because they were blooming in her father’s garden when she was born (and she would probably have been … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Misty Blue – Dorothy Moore

Back to the music that you inherit, this one is from Ma. There is a story. She heard it on the radio and then went to the record shop and sang it because she didn’t catch what it was called. … Continue reading

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Allotment Adventures: Anniversary

Saturday marked six years of having the plot. It’s been a ride. Six years ago, it was a half plot. It had a plum tree, two rhubarb crowns, some raspberries, lots of metal pipes and weeds, lots and lots of … Continue reading

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Friday Links: Elections

Happy Friday! I’m spending this one in the office, so this was complied yesterday. It feels like the news is moving pretty fast and I have no idea of outcome of the local elections so who knows if any of … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: May

Happy Monday! In the UK, we have yet another Bank Holiday, I’m not complaining, they come thick and fast in Spring and we have two at the beginning of June. I will either spend today being super productive or lying … Continue reading

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