Allotment Adventures: Swarms and a full polytunnel

This week, I was on a mission. There were a couple of things I felt had to be done;

  • get all the plants in the living room into the polytunnel and work out how many I have and where they are going;
  • to get all the summer and winter squash sown and in the polytunnel;
  • to get all the compost to the plot; and
  • plant the blackberries into pots.

I got all of it done and watched my plot neighbour’s bees, swarm.

The polytunnel on Sunday

I’m a bit worried about the plants in the poly, given how hot it is in London this week, but I left them in water and I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed.

I’ll hopefully get the tomatoes out on Friday when I’m back!

More irises
The first borage flower
My favourite roses
Lavender about to flower

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1 Response to Allotment Adventures: Swarms and a full polytunnel

  1. Wow! It’s lovely. Thank you, Nic 😊🌍🌳

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