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Happy Friday!

I’m almost at the point where I have nothing to say. The news is terrible, you know people die all the time but children shouldn’t be killed because men love guns. I feel at this point the world has become a parody, did you know that in Texas you can own as many guns as you like but only 5 dildos. In the UK if you own two houses, you’ll get £800 off your energy bills, but if you don’t claim benefit or you’re not a pensioner, you’ll only get £400. If you hold an illegal party in your house during lockdown, the police won’t charge you, unless you’re a junior civil servant.

It seems like the world is upside down and there is only so much energy I can muster for it and remain sane, I’ve sort of hit my limit….

Here are some pretty flowers

Here are some links…

Sunak’s package fails to tackle the true cause of UK inflation: shameless profiteering

Rampant inflation breaks the status quo – no wonder the government is spooked

My daughter was killed at Dunblane. I know that gun controls save lives

The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Gun Control

The greasy spoon chronicles: a day in the life of the Hope Workers Cafe. And now I miss the George all over again!

Shear desperation: low price of wool pushes farmers to opt for moulting sheep

Growing your own food can be affordable. Some food, herbs, salad leaves and fruit!

When my husband left me, I headed for the kitchen – here’s how comfort food can save the soul. This is lovely. For the record, when I’m coming down with a cold, I make a version of the boiled chicken and rice that Ma used to cook. It’s the perfect food because it’s good for me physically and emotionally (I’m convinced it is) as well as being very easy and making loads at a time when I’m low on energy.

Shopping in Eataly is like duty free: there’s nothing I need but it’s hard to resist

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