The Year in Pictures


As it always is, Jan was a quiet month, I thought I’d found a breakfast solutionDSCF4670I went to work and tried to be healthy20140113-102411.jpgChristelle and I had a day of bread making. It didn’t stick (she murdered the starter eventually and decided that bread making wasn’t for her!)20140119-224544.jpgFebruary

I (along with other Grace people) made freezer meals for Kathy and Adam to get them through the transitional month of new parenthood!20140203-082245.jpgMa and I babysat Oli and he cheated at cards (like his father, he is the fastest land animal!)20140210-083300.jpgI survived the month with lots of coffee to propel me through it!20140217-081803.jpgMarch

I went to Washington DC and it snowed a lot…20140305-072908.jpgThere was no cherry blossom but I really enjoyed the city and Matt was the perfect host, I was sad not to see John but happy to find a gin distillery…20140310-155722.jpg20140312-103257.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMother’s Day was that month and it led to this text conversation between Ma and me, which perfect sums up our mother/daughter dynamic…



20140325-122618.jpgAnd this card!20140331-132834.jpgApril

After Mothers Day comes Easter and Ryan and Claire decided to get married. I felt awfully old!20140506-113031.jpgEaster Lamb20140423-124456.jpgMay

Family shenanigans..20140506-112946.jpgFierce games of UNO and another text conversation that sums up my family!


I think that from May to August, I pretty much lived on Cous Cous SaladOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd there was a trip to Brighton, with the FrenchOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA June

At some point in June, I lost my prescription sunglasses and no I haven’t got around to getting new ones yet!20140605-083654.jpgThere was a visit to Apsley House for the Waterloo weekend festivities, the highlight of which was watching the Battle of Waterloo explained through the medium of vegetables. Hilarious and informative…The French

The French


I ate a lot of cherries, made cocktail cherries, cherry brandy, and worried about my teams in the family World Cup pool…

20140709-110457-39897968.jpgI also drank quite a bit of beer at the Ealing Beer Festival20140708-110654-40014952.jpgAnd celebrated 5 years in my little flat.20140704-132938-48578909.jpgAugust.

August was my birthday month. So family…20140804-092106-33666361.jpgCake20140804-095007-35407773.jpgTheatre20140806-214842-78522565.jpgCocktails at the OXO20140806-214843-78523315.jpg

If anything else happened in August, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t important!


In September, I experimented with flavoured ginsDSCF4774Thought about bedroom furnitureDSCF4772This year’s other holiday was up North to Amble by way of Middleham.20140914-204718-74838800.jpgWe went to Dunstanburgh, Warkworth, Belsay and Barter Books. As well as into Newcastle for the day and out on a boat. It just never gets dull..20140914-204727-74847679.jpg October

I caught a cold. Went to the Sipsmith 100 Martini Bar20141016-104851-38931660.jpgHelped Charles re-organise his wine while catching up on all his news…20141020-093030-34230398.jpgAnd got very excited about seeing Old Crow Medicine Show live…20141026-185200-67920686.jpgNovember

I started off the month with having an abscess and then a tooth removed. Not fun20141104-164627-60387116.jpgI remembered to be thankful

I painted lots of stuff in Ma’s new house and helped with packing20141116-215958-79198093.jpg

I decided not to do any food shopping for a while.

Celebrated Oli’s 5th birthday20141123-170957-61797477.jpgAnd helped move Ma to her new house.20141125-085526-32126575.jpg


The month started with Christelle’s and Ma’s birthday drinksIMG_2491Advent calendarsIMG_2452And some time with Jo and Ms TIMG_2453I made Vin d’OrangeOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABattled with my flicky fringeIMG_2503Went to lots of Christmas lunchesIMG_2516Volunteered with the local allotment society, I’m on the waiting list!IMG_2518

And then Christmas












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