New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!

I’ve been thinking about resolutions and goals. I didn’t do resolutions or monthly goals this year and don’t get me wrong, I had a really good year but it lacked focus and going into 2015, I feel like I need a bit more. However, I’m generally fairly rubbish at resolutions, I start strong and then lose momentum, this year may not be any different so I’m going to set them and my idea is that I’ll have a monthly post to talk about them and hopefully renew my enthusiasm for them each month.

BODYDSCF4423I didn’t really do any exercise at all this year and that showed in my weight and my general health, which I did not enjoy. Also I’m feeling my age, I’m in my 40’s now, my knees and feet are playing up and it’s not going to be too long before I have to bite the bullet and have my bunions surgically attended to. So I need to fix the slight disconnect between my mind and my body and gently get back into feeling better. So nothing mad, I’m not running any marathons any time soon and I’m not gong to overcommit, it’s easy to say that I’ll go to the gym every day but that’s not sustainable so 2 gym classes a week and 15 minutes of yoga every day. I have a short series that I’ve been doing on and off this year and it helps stretch and relax me, I know that it helps my knees and it also helps me sleep better, it takes about the same amount of time as the physio stretches for my knees but actually works better, so it’s just swapping one thing for the other. I may, later in the year, set some smaller goals within that but this is my base line. I also have been given a fitbit for Christmas (thanks Christelle!), so I’m looking forward to seeing how that changes my view of my fitness!

HOME & MIND (BOOKS)20140122-110053.jpgMy ‘To Be Read’ pile of books AND the list on my Kindle is ridiculous. I read about 100 books this year and I have more books than that to read and while I maintain that there is no such thing as too many books, my bookshelves are stuffed. The answer is clear. It pains me to admit it but I need to stop buying books! However, cold turkey is tough, so I’m going to have a limit. This year I will only buy 12 new to me books. (Barter Books in September could be torture!). I have joined the library, so I will make more use of it and hopefully get through my TBR pile.

HOME GENERAL20140423-123504.jpgThis year, keeping the flat in good order seems to have really clicked, mostly it’s tidy and under control. I want to continue that by working on the deep cleaning a bit more. Things like cleaning the oven and floors (basically the stuff I’m not currently brilliant at keeping on top of!). I also want to work on having less clutter and more organisation. Over the year that will mean some de-cluttering, more importantly, that will mean not bringing new things in, unless things leave the flat first. Some things are coming in, this is the year, I replace the bed, I need a new mattress and a bed that better suits this bedroom so I stop bruising my legs on the current one. I also have new curtains, inherited from Ma (thanks Ma!) that I was going to put in the bedroom but may work better in the living room, so I need to sort that out.

SPIRIT20140914-204723-74843564.jpgLast year, I did Krissie’s beFULL course and despite my traditional discomfort with ‘hippy dippy’ feelings stuff, I found it really useful. Over that time working with Krissie, she asked us to use a word to define a state of feeling that we wished to create in our life. I chose PEACEFUL. I described it like this:

I struggle with using one word, because that word means a whole bunch of other things. It also means feeling calm and secure and content and trusting and joyous about God’s plan for my life and it’s also the place where I accept that I don’t understand or control all of it, which a big deal for me..

Since that time, I’ve realised that it’s a pretty active word, because I need to do things to bring that feeling. For example, leaving the kitchen tidy at the the end of the day and ready for the next day gives me that peaceful feeling, but it requires me tidying the room before I go to bed. So peaceful is my word and the feeling I’m working towards in 2015.

What about you? Any plans for 2015?


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