Life Happened – Toothless Hag, Martinis and Grace

Last Tuesday, I had that tooth removed. It was not pleasant, not at all pleasant but the dentist was pretty happy with how well I coped with the actual extraction, she did warn me that I would fill much worse the next day and yep Wednesday was pretty awful.

Thursday was a work from home day due to issues with the tube. On Friday I was back in the office and pretty much back to normal. On Friday night Ma and I went for drinks at Christophers with Maggie and Jem.

Martinis were drunk



Saturday started with coffee in bed and reading. I eventually got myself out of bed, into the shower and then I got to work, I finally swapped from winter to summer wardrobe, tidied up and did the ironing.

Lis and Dwayne came around with the last of my camping kit and the delightful Lincoln and we caught up and had nibbles. Then we all headed off to Grace.



All church should be this good!

I was primed for a busy Sunday, I knew I had to be up to meet Kathy and Adam to hand over their small boy’s birthday present, but I managed coffee, some reading, two loads of washing and changing the bed before I met them. I can’t believe how much both of them (the children not K&A have grown). They headed into church and I headed home to start the work of the day. Getting the packing boxes out of the loft and the camping stuff into the loft!

Ma arrived when I was halfway through and we loaded a car with the boxes, paint and some painting things that I thought would come in handy. We then headed off to some shopping, Ma and I bought the Christmas wine and we bought even more paint.


We actually have a more paint than is pictured but Ma’s new flat is going to need a lot of paint before the carpets go in!

Then a trip to scope out new cookers and fridge freezers and then back to my house. It was a good days work but there are miles to go before Ma is ready to move and time is short!

I had dinner and shower and an early night


This week is a short week at work but that doesn’t mean a long relaxing weekend as I’ll be spending Friday and Saturday painting the new flat. I’m catching up with Kathy on Tuesday and Christelle on Wednesday so it’s a busy time!









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