Stopgap furniture

When I was looking for a place to live 5 years ago, the estate agent asked me what my dream place looked liked. Top of the list was that it was unfurnished. I didn’t want to deal with other people style choices and I had quite a bit of furniture in storage.

Given how much furniture I did own, it was slightly weird that there were so many things I needed to buy.

One of those things was a wardrobe. I had owned a wardrobe but because I didn’t need one when I lived at Sarah’s and Craig did when he moved into his new flat, lending him the wardrobe until he got one he really wanted seemed like the thing to do. What I didn’t realise was that our friendship was going to crash and burn and that he would decide never to talk to me again. Along with the friendship went the wardrobe, a couple of books and some other stuff, most of which I really don’t miss, but the wardrobe would have been handy!

As a stopgap measure I bought one of those canvas and wood wardrobes from Argos. In my plan, it wasn’t going to be there long, I was going to sort out the bedroom, it’s a great room but it’s awkwardly shaped and the bed and other furniture were bought for different bedrooms with different requirements.



This is the one picture I have of the horror that was that wardrobe! It was not pretty and five years on, only remained upright because of the judicious use of shoeboxes wedged against a chest of drawers.

It was time to buy a wardrobe. I had a plan. I was going to buy a corner wardrobe that would be the first step on my grand bedroom furniture re-design. I’d measured the space. I’d dismantled the old wardrobe, cleared out a lot of stuff, I conned poor Mike into coming over to help me put the thing up.

People plan, God laughes. The one thing I hadn’t given too much thought about was getting the wardrobes to my house, Ma had hired a car, we’d go to IKEA and pick them up. Except that one look at the car convinced me that it wasn’t going to work, the car was too short.


Plan B. Go to Ikea, find another stopgap solution. Re-evaluate bedroom furniture issue. Save some more money to implement new plan. Meanwhile be grateful that the new stopgap wardrobe won’t fall on your head and that you’ve managed to donate 3 bags of clothes and two hats, that you weren’t wearing to the charity shop.  Also on the gratitude list that your mother didn’t punch you when you were all PMT’d up and throwing things because of  the stupid IKEA instructions for assembling the new stopgap.


Oh and patch the hole you managed to create in the throwing of said things.


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