Daniel Buren at The Baltic

More holiday photos.

Everytime I go to Newcastle, I end up at the Baltic. There’s always something interesting on and it’s just the right size, big enough to have something I want to see and small enough that I don’t get ‘art fatigue’ (a serious condition that leaves me unable to view anything with consideration and opting for the ‘this is all rubbish’ as an opinion – admit it, you get it too!)

The stand out this time was the Daniel Buren – Catch as catch can: works in situ. My friend Sue had been in Newcastle the week before so I was aware of the exhibition but it was much better in person.

I really liked the way that he’d used the building with the transfers, changing the way that you viewed the building and even things outside the building.

DSCF4861 DSCF4859 DSCF4858 DSCF4856

The room with the mirrors was also quite dynamic because it changed depending on whether the sun was shining and who else was in the room and reflected in the mirrors

DSCF4855 DSCF4851 DSCF4849 DSCF4847 DSCF4845



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