Sipsmith 100 Martini

I’ve been missing in action, over the last couple of days due to the virus that would not die. I could say cold, it was a cold but on Monday I had a very sore throat and felt awful, Three days in bed followed, I don’t think I was awake for longer than 2 hours at a time! Not fun, I am almost restored to full health and back at work. So hello, little blog!

Last Friday, Ma and I went to Kettners for 2 hours of the Sipsmith 100 Martini. I was hoping the gin would cure the cold and although that didn’t work out, Ma and I really enjoyed the experience.

On arriving at the Apartment, we were taken to our seats and handed an ipad to make our selections. After going through the tongue in cheek question, (eg which Boris do you prefer, Becker, Johnson or Yeltsin), you were given a choice of three drinks, you could choose one or start again. I decided on a Zaza and Ma chose a Klondike.

Then a nice man called Scott arrived with a trolley to make our drinks


The Zaza was half gin, half dry vermouth with a dash of cognac and triple sec and a cherry for garnish. I really enjoyed it.20141016-104850-38930885.jpg


Ma’s Klondike was a very classic dry martini with an orange twist. She liked hers more than mine..



There was more.  This was the Suffragette, Ma’s pick with sloe gin and dry and sweet vermouth (for ‘perfect’ cocktails). I’m really looking forward to trying this with the plum gin I’ve made for Christmas!



And the Angelus, which is quite complicated but delicious..



I’m really keen on Sipsmith as a brand, I love that they are local and I’m always interested to see what they’re up too. Last Friday, was a really good opportunity to try new drinks and stop me from becoming too set in my cocktail ways (I so often default to a gin martini or a manhattan).

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