It’s November tomorrow.

First, what happened to the year? It seems to have just whizzed by.

Second, it’s November tomorrow. I find November really hard to deal with, it’s cold and miserable and the beginning of the doom and gloom that I don’t truly come out of until after Christmas. For the last couple of years, inspired by Krissie, I’ve tried to remember to be thankful, It’s helped a lot, as motivation to look for the good things instead of focussing on the negative ones and a reminder that life is not a terrible and dark place.

Krissie, through her coaching business is offering free daily email to remind you to do just that. Which is a godsend for me and I’ve signed up, I have no idea what it’s going to consist of but I’m looking forward to it.

If it sounds like something you might need through the next month, you can sign up here.

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