Friday Night Cocktail Revisited: Aperol Spritz

I haven’t been making anything new, I’m not drinking at all during the week and have been struggling to find time to make and photograph new to the blog cocktails! So I’m going to re-visit some of the old ones!


We are having amazingly warm weather for October, it’s not quite summer but at 19C I’m pretty sure that we’ve had colder summer days.  Everyone is predicting a really cold winter but the current warm but grey weather has put me in the mood for something brightly coloured and a bit summery.

Time for a bit of Aperol Spritz action.  Since January, I’ve changed how I do it.   a bit and add a slug of freshly squeezed orange juice to it.

So the What list now reads:

3oz prosecco

2 oz aperol

1 oz of orange juice (and yes it does have to be fresh from an orange, not a bottle!)

A dash of soda water (I measured this a couple of times and in my house it’s somewhere between half an oz and an oz)

The How is still the same.

Glass, ice, ingredients, stir gently, drink!

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