Weekend Tasks, What I Actually Did

It’s seems silly to put up a post about things I need to do at the weekend and not follow up with what I actually managed to do.

Given that I spent most of Saturday with a migraine, I’m quite impressed with what I did do. Tonight I will wash my hair brushes so the only things I didn’t do were clean the oven, make soup and organise the cookbook shelves but I have soup in the freezer, so it’s not going to give me any issues this week and the cookbooks can wait another week. I am going to put the oven stuff on tonight and clean it tomorrow because it needs to be done. Other things I did that weren’t on the list are back up the laptop and transfer photos to a hard drive, which I have been meaning to since August! I also re-arranged the insides of the drawers that hold my make up and hair things. I threw away a ton of old make up, it felt good to get rid of the things that I haven’t used and start afresh!


  • Clean the oven
  • General clean (this means sorting out the recycling and rubbish, mopping the floor and general cleaning)


  • Make black bean soup
  • Food prep for the week, breakfasts and lunches
  • Make sourdough
  • Sort out the ‘disaster bread’ recipe so it works


  •  General clean (mop floor, change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet)



  • Move furniture back into room and maybe re-arrange it!  I decided to put the furniture back where it was but underestimated how much work I needed to do to get the floor clean and the paint off the furniture! I was quite high off the white spirit fumes when I finished. I am thinking that might paint the chest of drawers white, we’ll see if I can be bothered!
  • General clean (mop floor, change bed, dust, general tidy)

Living Room

  • General clean (sweep floor, dust, tidy sofa, put things away etc)


  • Hoover I hate hoovering, in fact I hate all floor cleaning related stuff in general but hoovering in particular!
  • Sort cookbook shelves out. I dusted the shelves, does that count?

General House things

  • Washing
  • Ironing
  • Wash make up brushes I did them this morning, but that still counts!
  • Water plants
  • Wash hair brushes
  • Shopping

Overall a successful weekend of house related tasks, which is good because next weekend is going to be busy, I’m at the theatre on Friday night and up in Watford for more family time and fireworks! So everything will be fitted into Sunday and when I’ve been that social, I need to spend at least half a day doing nothing!

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