Right Now I’m..

Sleeping…ok not actually this minute but last night I was in bed at 9pm, lights out at 9.21pm. I’ve decided to go to bed when I’m tired and last night I was tired early. I think it’s a combination of the darker nights, being in ‘migraine fortnight’ and fighting off the cold that is making the rounds of the office.


Happy…about weekend plans, theatre on Friday night and fireworks and family time on Saturday. Looking forward to Oli’s reaction to fireworks and sparklers now he’s a little bit older.



Reading. The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman. Suitable reading for Halloween!

Eating…..all the vegetables. Going with the theory that the more vegetables I can pack into my diet, the better. Last night, dinner had onions, carrots, corn, leeks, courgettes, squash, mushrooms and peppers in it. Also lentils and black beans. Yes. there were lots of leftovers and I should have taken a picture.

Thinking….that people need to stop going on about Christmas, it’s too early for Christmas music and Christmas treats. Having said that, the songs for this year’s Christmas CD are selected and ready to go!



Resisting….the urge to put the heating on, it’s got colder this week but I don’t want to put the heating on until 1st November if I can help it and it’s not that cold yet!

Hoping…that it doesn’t rain until the roof is fixed. It’s a vain hope, I do live in England after all but I could happily go without water coming through my bedroom ceiling in the middle of the night ever again!


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