The Weekend


The weekend began with a haircut! I decided to have a little bit more length off than usual and Jane chopped about two inches off my hair, which I was fine about until I got home and had to very firmly remind myself that my hair was shorter not short! No photos of the haircut but I did take a photo of Jane’s ridiculously cute puppy!


On Saturday, I had a plan, I was going to get my bedroom back to normal, do most of the housework, do the shopping and clean the oven. Then I was going to go and see the godchildren. Easy. Well easy if you don’t have a migraine. I sorted the bedroom out and did some housework, until I just had to give up and go to bed. I surfaced about 6pm hoping it was done, it wasn’t and I went back to bed.

The clocks went back on Sunday morning, so I was a bit confused until I changed all the clocks in the house! I went to the gym and had breakfast.


The rest of the day was spent getting on with the housework and shopping. I also located my torch in preparation for the “storm of the decade”. In fairness, I think the Met Office might be overstating it a bit, ever since the 1987 storm, they’d rather take flak for overplaying it than underplaying it. I remember the ’87 storm and it honestly didn’t affect us. There were some trees down and a short power cut but we went to school and life continued. Which meant I really wasn’t expecting any issues in London, we are fairly protected.

What did for me though was being woken up at 1am because there was water dripping on my face. Well, the roof is being fixed in a couple of week and this is why! So I moved the bed out of the way which is harder than you’d think, it’s a big bed in a smallish room! Put a bucket under the drip and prayed! This morning it had stopped and I put the bed back placing bucket on top. Hopefully, it’ll be ok, but I didn’t sleep well and it’s fair to say that my flat has not felt like a calm place to be for a number of weeks!

Getting in to work this morning was amazingly easy, I’m kind of wishing for a storm every day if it makes my commute this easy!

What did you get up to this weekend? Any storm related issues?

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