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I give in

Sometimes I don’t think there has been a day in the past 10 years when I’ve woken up feeling refreshed by a good nights sleep. Most days, I stagger out of bed wishing I could go back to it. If … Continue reading

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On my mind

1) 6 more days at work then I’m on holiday! 2) I need a list of things that I want to pack, I suck at packing. 3) Also it may think it’s the greatest nation in the world but what … Continue reading

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Rinse, Repeat

I think around this time every year, I just run out of steam. This year that time is today. I spent this weekend making sure that I could get through this week and doing what I needed to do, while … Continue reading

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No Time

So there was stuff that I wanted to write about. Books and Christmas Trees and mince pies and so much other stuff. However, I’ve decided to prioritise mental health and sleep. The mental health stuff comes in the form of … Continue reading

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My brain needs a holiday

Since the beginning of the month, instead of being a deputy team manager, I have been a team manager for half the week and a deputy team manager for the other half.  The other deputy team manager (Sabrina) has been … Continue reading

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……loud ones, going round in a circle from the sounds of it.  Come on people, this is Fulham, not the Bronx. Yes, there are some unhappy Chelsea fans in the Broadway but they are mostly shouting and I can drown … Continue reading

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