My brain needs a holiday

Since the beginning of the month, instead of being a deputy team manager, I have been a team manager for half the week and a deputy team manager for the other half.  The other deputy team manager (Sabrina) has been doing the same thing.  As for the half of the week there is only one deputy team manager, we have another person (Manjinder) in to be the other deputy, but she is still being trained.

I know it’s confusing, I understand what’s happening and writing it out confused me.

What this mostly means is a huge learning curve for me (and the other two – but they can write about that on their blogs!).  But being a team manager is not all we do, we manage a building, so Sabrina and I have inherited a project each.  The one that I have could seem a bigger project but it was mostly planned out by someone else.  It does require some tweaking but not a huge amount. And training, I know how to do what I do but having to show someone else is a way that makes sense to them…is hard (for me anyway)

So I am mostly tired with all the work thinking I have to do…and…my brain needs a holiday…..

that is all

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