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Monday Miscellany: Clueless in London

Well it’s Monday and it’s all pretty shit. As of Thursday, we’re back in lockdown, schools and universities stay open and you can meet one person for a socially distanced walk. Support bubbles remain in effect but my support bubble … Continue reading

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A small rant about Class and Suffrage

Today marks 100 years since The Representation of the People Act 1918. Everyone is making a very big deal out of it because it’s 100 years since women were granted the vote. Except it didn’t. It gave some women the … Continue reading

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Please stop doing that

I saw this in the Guardian at the weekend. I really I hate it when people come out with stuff like this… I don’t agree but I’ve vented about it in this space before, it doesn’t need saying again, so … Continue reading

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As I travel through my late 30’s, it has become apparent to me that assumptions are being made about my life and I’d like to clear up some misconceptions.  You’ve been warned, it’s about to get ranty around here…. 1) … Continue reading

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What? Why? Grrr….

It’s been a pretty good week.  I went to the theatre, I went out for drinks, I got loads of work done. But… She’s doing it again.  Having a go at me about stuff that isn’t my fault. At various … Continue reading

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Female Bishops

Hurrah, I can’t think that God would want it any other way…but I am sad to see the fighting and anger that this has provoked. I really struggle to understand why it’s important that the person standing on the altar … Continue reading

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