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Dooley Takes the Fall

I may have mentioned this before but I love to read, I love books and I love YA fiction, I never grew out of reading it and while I read plenty of adult books, I love the directness of good … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Meanwhile, Rick James – Cake

Forgotten how much I like this

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Greenbelt pictures

Got back on Tuesday.  It was fun and thought provoking and I did forget something, my socks in case you were wondering!!  And on Tuesday it didn’t all fit back into the suitcase!! It’s overwhelming, even though compared to most … Continue reading

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You can pick your friends

The problem I’m finding is getting to the stage where your friends become like your family.  Sometimes that works out great, I have friends that are the family I got to pick and I love them, like I love my … Continue reading

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Harold Pinter

Last year, I saw Betrayal at the Donmar, and I loved it.  It was the second Pinter play I had seen (the first one being ‘The Caretaker’, which I wasn’t that keen on.)  Since then I have seen ‘The Lover/Collection’ … Continue reading

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It rained a lot But it’s a great place and there was lots that we didn’t see, so we will have to go again.

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It was my uncle’s birthday on Monday, on Sunday, everyone descended on the garden to eat, drink and of course help Ian celebrate his birthday.

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My brain needs a holiday

Since the beginning of the month, instead of being a deputy team manager, I have been a team manager for half the week and a deputy team manager for the other half.  The other deputy team manager (Sabrina) has been … Continue reading

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Great time was had.. labyrinth For better photos go here The labyrinth is up and running until the grass is cut (though no candles!) and there’s a ‘how to’ poster just next to it, if you think it might be … Continue reading

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Female Bishops

Hurrah, I can’t think that God would want it any other way…but I am sad to see the fighting and anger that this has provoked. I really struggle to understand why it’s important that the person standing on the altar … Continue reading

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