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A year ago

This little boy was born and in that year has turned into this I can’t believe the difference that having him around has made to our family.

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Ben had a birthday last week. I said last week that for at least the first 25 years I wanted to be an only child, in the last 10-ish, I’ve changed my mind and decided that’s it’s nice to have … Continue reading

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In which Anna is made of awesome

Anna at Little Red Boat was going on a trip, she had an idea and Snailr was born. My postcard arrived on 25th Sept, I got back from Belfast and was ridiculously happy to get it.  I was also very … Continue reading

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I’ve been back a week and the hangover lasted 3 days. Good to see everyone and I really enjoyed hanging around with Ryan and Ruth (and on Sunday all Ruth and I were doing was hanging!!)  Ryan now has proper … Continue reading

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Chelsea won the Premiership.  Like Waterloo it was a ‘damned close run thing’ And it makes me happy That is all

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Detatched from the world…

I have now been unemployed since September.  I’m still me, I still listen to Radio 4, I still take photos, I still love to read, I still want to see my friends and family. Some things have changed, I have … Continue reading

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Outstanding beauty…

Reading Christina‘s lastest blog post has got me thinking about how we (and I view beauty).  This is her quote: “It’s not like we don’t have beauty in the UK. Whenever, if ever, I escape the city, I’m invariably surprised … Continue reading

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