Four things

1) Apparently, I am a person who eats and enjoys porridge. Proof that if you keep trying food you don’t like you may come around to it eventually!

2) How to tie my shoelaces. I’ve been doing it wrong all these years.

3) On Tuesday night, I was at the Sipsmith distillery in Hammersmith for their Pig Out with Sipsmith event as part of London Cocktail week. I’m a massive fan of Sipsmith and I’ve been to the distillery 3 or 4 times now, it’s never boring and it’s refreshing (for me anyway) to meet people who are so into what they’re doing. If you’re in London (even just visiting) see if you can get to Sipsmith for a distillery tour, it’s £12 and worth every penny. On Tuesday, Sipsmith had partnered with Serious Pig and Orchard Pig. I came away with a goodie bag that didn’t only contain gin but also the products from both pigs (snacking salami and apple juice) I can’t recommend them highly enough. Go find them in the wild..

20121010-205133.jpg4) Yesterday I finished Bring Up the Bodies. I am feeling a bit lost now and anxious for the next and final book. It’s going to be a long wait.

5) There is a category of sheep called ‘Fat Lambs’. We found this out last week at the Masham Sleep Fair.

So can you guess the name of this sheep that I knitted for Oli…


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