Christmas Radio

I love BBC radio and I really love BBC radio at Christmas. Here are the things I’m looking forward to over Christ

Brain of Britain, Brain of Brains – starts 22 December 2014

I love Brain of Britain (and Russell Davies), the more the better.

Good Omens – starts 22 December 2014

If I had one wish, it would be that this was on before 11pm but thank goodness for iPlayer..,,

Cabin Pressure – 23 and 24 December 2014

The last ever Cabin Pressure. Ma and I are arranging Tuesday and Christmas Eve around it. Best comedy, best cast, if you haven’t heard it before. Go and listen.

David Sedaris: The Santaland Dairies – 24 December 2014

Because David Sedaris is funny and David Sedaris talking about being a store Santa has to be ridiculously funny.

A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols – 24 December 2014

The Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is broadcast from Kings College, Cambridge on Christmas Eve at 3pm (it’s on BBC2 at 5.25pm although that’s pre-recorded and the radio is live) is when my Christmas actually starts. A tradition since 1918 and broadcast since 1928 and goes around the world. The sounds of Once in Royal David’s City, kicking off the service makes me well up every single year but I wonder if, in this year when we celebrate the centenary of WWI, this service, which began a month after that war ended, it won’t make me cry, if they sing Away in a Manager, I’m gone because that always makes me cry.

Today Guest Editors – starts 26 December 2014

Every year between Christmas and New Year’s, the Today Programme had guest editors, they are a mixed blessing but this year’s line up is John Bercow, Tracey Thorn, Mervyn King, Lenny Henry and Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. So it should be quite an interesting 5 days.

Gardener’s Question Time – 28 December 2014

Although I don’t have a garden, but I’m a big fan of Gardener’s Question Time (and one day, went I finally get the allotment – 4-ish years here I come – it will make lots more sense to me) and this one is from one of my favourite places, Belsay Hall.

15 Minute Musical – 30 December 2014

So funny, so good!

Christmas with Damien Trench – 31 December 2014

I love Damien Trench, ironically this week Nigel Slater (I love Nigel Slater but he is a lovey and Damien Trench is a complete piss take of Nigel!) is doing the Woman’s Hour Drama! Today Damien’s tips for NYE!

War and Peace – 1 January 2015

10 hours of War and Peace, making me really ashamed that I still haven’t read the damn book yet!

So what are you watching or listening to over Christmas?






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