Monday Miscellany: Last of November

Happy Monday!

Traditionally, I’m always pleased to see the back of November, so that’s it’s the last day of November is good, that we’re also in Advent is also good and tomorrow, I open my advent calendars.

Less good news is that I seem to have a visiting mouse, clearly, the poison traps aren’t working so I’ve ordered some traps, the kitchen is getting bleached every morning, I’m beginning to think they like the smell!

I have also finally got all the work post out of my house, which is delightful and although work was pretty manic last week (it always more busy June/July and Nov/Dec as people suddenly realise that everyone is going on leave!), I’m feeling more in control of it.

We did not allotment this week, instead Ma supervised my DIY and other chores and we ate tomatoes from the Isle of Wight and drank wine. When I’m asked about having an allotment, I compare it to having a child. Its needs are nowhere near as demanding as an actual baby but if you’re doing it properly, it takes all your time and most of your money as you’re setting it up. Which is why so many people stop in winter. We do need to work on the plot this winter, but I needed to some things to the flat and Ma would like a Saturday off some point soon.

This week, lockdown ends and we go into Tier Two, which means I can meet more than one person at a time for walks, I could also go out to eat with 5 other people but I can’t have them come for dinner in my house! I have a four day work week because Ma’s birthday is on Friday, there will probably be shenanigans – yes she is in her 70’s and a Grandma but that’s not stopped her yet!

Random Duck Photo

With the rules changing for Christmas, Ma and I will be going to Ben and Laura’s for Christmas, we’ll be three households and six people including the nephews. So within the rules set. Ma and I live alone and are pretty cautious, we are also in a support bubble and see each other weekly. We’re more at risk from the boys than they are from us. As usual we’ll go on Christmas Day, come back on Boxing Day and because we both live alone, if the boys infect us, we’re unlikely to spread it to others. We won’t see my aunt and uncle this year. I understand people making different decisions these are ours and I’m satisfied that we’re as safe as we can be. Obviously, that’ll change if we anyone catches anything or the nephews have to isolate but that’s our plan for the moment. I do have a back up meat in the freezer just in case anything changes. If this year has taught me one thing, it’s prepare for the unexpected!

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