Friday Links: Captain Hindsight

Happy Friday!

All this week, I’ve been confused as to what the day is. On Wednesday I was convinced it was Tuesday and I’m not sure that it is actually Friday today! Here are this week’s links…

Pandemic could lead to profound shift in parenting roles, say experts

Bullying inquiry ‘found evidence Priti Patel broke ministerial code’ Is anyone actually surprised that ‘Little Ms Smirk’ is also a bully? Nah, I didn’t think so..

An expensive sinking feeling as Johnson seeks to rule the waves. This is fiddling while Rome burns, we still don’t have a deal with the EU and England is in lockdown…

The British government’s first disaster of 2021? A food shortage. My point…

Is Britain really about to embrace chaos and misery for the sake of Brexit dogma? Yes, it is.

Boris Johnson’s saboteur is back, and looking strangely familiar

New shenanigans are afoot in Michigan as Trump tries to block certification of Biden’s win. It’s time for the Republicans to decide if they really believe in the Republic or in Trump and authoritarianism. I’m afraid that they are going for the latter.

In his new memoir, Obama defends — and critiques — his legacy

Barack Obama Talks to David Olusoga. This is worth a listen too.

Stacey Abrams On Finishing the Job In Georgia. Stacey Abrams is an amazing woman, and this, is one of the many reasons why…

I was never guaranteed a victory in 2018, and I wasn’t owed a victory, but I am owed a system — as voters, we are owed a system — that actually works the right way. And as we headed into 2020, we were able to use the lessons of ’18 to help fix that system, much to the chagrin of Donald Trump, who thinks that the consent decree cost him the election. Well, yeah! When people get to participate, it may have consequences that are not what you seek.

Rudy Melts Down Over Trump and ‘Voter Fraud’ During Insane Press Conference

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