Recommended: Dorset Meats

This year, I’ve been working towards eating less but better quality meat. Last month I ordered the introductory box from Dorset Meats.

It came in an insulated box and was in really good condition and the meat is really good, I haven’t tried the sausages or the minced beef yet but Ma and I ate the beef joint and the pork chops, I’ve made lamb stew and had a steak, all of it was really good.

I’m going to order the meat for Christmas and Ma’s birthday next week too. I was really impressed.

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4 Responses to Recommended: Dorset Meats

  1. Neil says:

    My home county. Hope it tastes good

  2. Tabula Rasa says:

    I’ve ordered from them too as I wanted free range pork which I think they do and I spend half my life in Dorset. My only gripe is the black polystyrene they put some of their products on.

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