Friday Links: Don’t Hug Your Grandma..

Happy Friday!

On Monday, Boris Johnson gave a press conference, in which he compared the vaccines to the cavalry coming to save us. All I could think of was the Duke of Wellington’s comments about cavalry galloping at everything and never thinking. I know vaccination is on the horizon but please don’t think we’re done with COVID, because in order to for the vaccine to be of any use, it needs to be used with thought and used globally…

Here are this week’s links

I’m in my 40s, please stop asking me why I don’t have children. I did not write this, but I could have.

The Cranberry Caucus Is Insanely Powerful

Deb Perelman Is Thankful for Tacos

How To Create 6,500 Social Homes Overnight

The only thing most of us will be wearing this party season is slightly smarter pyjamas

Don’t snark – this ‘Brexit festival’ may turn out to be just the tonic we need

How are unemployed people supposed to retrain when the Tories cut training?

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