Life Happened

Monday started with an unseasonally warm day and air con in my office wasn’t working.

On Tuesday, air con fixed, I had the ‘joy’ of sitting in on an industry meeting, it was a long meeting…and the abscess that was and then wasn’t there decided to come back and let me know about it. So after the 5 hour meeting, I rang the dentist, who told me to get to them straight away, so I did. One prescription later (and the next 5 days on antibiotics) I was at home and lighting candles to make myself feel better.


The rest of the week passed in a bit of a haze of tired and cold (remarkable after being so warm on Monday and given our really mild weather). I’m blaming those antibiotics, they are marvellous things and I’m grateful to live in a world where we have them and they work (just), but I really try to avoid using them partly because overuse is a bad thing but really because I don’t react terribly well to them, they make me foggy.

Friday was the warmest Halloween on record and on Friday night I went to Dionne’s for a catch up and general chatting. I had nothing that I needed to do for the rest of the weekend, I did food shopping, cleaned the kitchen floor, tidied the flat, decanted the plum gin, mucked about in the kitchen and slept loads.


It was a good week.





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