I was really upset this morning to wake up and discover that it was only Wednesday. I’ve been a day ahead of myself all week.

I’m feeling a bit discombobulated at the moment, I’m blaming lingering jet lag and post holiday blues because much as I am glad to be home and in my cozy flat, I’m missing the joy of waking up late and having the whole day to do what I like. What I mostly liked was wondering around DC doing what I wanted to do, with no responsibility.


Although I can’t see how any city is better than London, I liked DC (and spending time with Matt) and here I have responsibilities and a job and things that need to done and there I didn’t! Which is why they call it a holiday!

When I stop moaning about my bump back into real life, I am hugely grateful for it and for my friends and the world I live in. I really can’t express properly the joy having friends that say “oh come and stay at ours, we’d love to have you”. I’ve known Matt and John for 5 years but only actually been in the same room as them a handful of times. Seriously, how amazing are friends like that?


Also amazing, the ability to get on a plane and be thousands of miles away in 8 and a half hours, all the way to a completely different country and culture where people have no idea what you mean when you say ‘plaster’ (US translation – band aid) or can’t understand you when you say ‘Fenwick’ (UK  pronounciation is ‘fennick’, US ‘fen-wick‘).

Actually, I really enjoyed the little differences, $1 notes instead of £1 coins. Pedestrian crossings that don’t beep when it’s time to cross, not having to remember the PIN no of my credit card because you sign for everything, tipping, the difference between the DC Metro and the Underground, the vast array of stuff in supermarkets, the availability of root beer (I think I drank my weight in diet root beer much to Matt’s amusement!)


Also the relief of getting off the plane and having my brother pick me up in the cab (best brother award goes to Ben – and that he’s my only brother is completely besides the point!).

If I have a point (and it’s highly possible that I don’t!), I think it’s that I live in an amazing world and have lovely people in my life and I’m very glad for that, even though this week, I’m a little bit grumpy!


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