What I’m thinking..

  • A Union Jack is what you call a Union flag flown on a ship. Your cushion/tabletop/ handbag is not a ‘union jack’ cushion/tabletop/handbag because it’s not being flown from a ship. It’s a union flag.  Get it right people.  I have no problem with Americans not knowing this but if you’re British (yes even you Scotland) get it right..
  • While we’re on words, everything is chemical, you may be trying to eliminate man-made or harmful chemicals from your diet/haircare/beauty routine but it is impossible to eliminate all chemicals from your life. Words and their meanings are important, be precise.
  • I just need to power through until Thursday, then everything will be lovely again.


  • Sunshine, actual blue skies and the need to put sunglasses on, people smiling. London has never looked more beautiful. Seems like Spring is finally here.


  • Though on the other hand this is England. Handbag has sunglasses and umbrella in it.
  • Why am I so tired? Seriously, I could sleep for a week..
  • I need to start thinking about packing for next week.
  • I hate packing, I’m so bad at it

As you can see, my mind doesn’t run smoothly or even well most days.

What are you thinking about today?

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