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Quick and Dirty Chocolate Mousse

Last week, I came home from the work to find that someone (godchild 2) had left me a pot of chocolate mousse in the fridge.I had heard a lot about this mousse, it had guinness in it but no egg … Continue reading

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Handmade Christmas – Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub

Like a lot of the things I am giving to people this year, the idea is not original. There are a ton of homemade sugar scrub recipes around at the moment but this particular one came from How Sweet It … Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake

No post yesterday due to migraine! But I want to tell you about this cake! Last weekend, I make a chocolate cake, for Kathy. I took two photos of it when it was in the fridge. Which was foolish but … Continue reading

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Chocolate Fridge Cake

or what to do with leftover biscuits! You know those biscuits that we made with Oli last week? I had leftover dough. I made more biscuits, in fact, too many biscuits. I didn’t know it but there is such a … Continue reading

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Malted Milk Cookies

I did Grace cafe on Saturday. Cafe is fairly straightforward and I decided to go for bread, cheese and chilli jam. The point is to have conversation not gourmet food. However, I really felt the need to add something sweet. … Continue reading

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The basic cookie

I used to have a basic cookie recipe and then I lost the piece of paper it was written on the last time I moved.  What I also remember about it was that it was a lot of faff (two … Continue reading

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Christmas pudding truffles

So this year, I’m broke and I’m making Christmas presents. Mostly inspired by Max, I’ve made some new things.   The truffles are one of them. The original recipe is in Nigella Christmas as Christmas Pudding bonbons. I’ve used brandy … Continue reading

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Today I’m on my way to Cheltenham for Greenbelt. The weather forecast is not good and I’m going to be in a tent. My camping skills are not great (there’s no where to plug in a fridge for ice or … Continue reading

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