Handmade Christmas: Fudge

We are 11 days away from Christmas and I find myself in my usual just before Christmas mood, recovering from my December cold, half sorted and with a seemingly huge to do list.

This year has been much easier, I have family Christmas presents in hand, I won’t sort the tree until the weekend before Christmas and Ma and I between us have covered Christmas booze and food is less of an issue because we’re spending Christmas in Shefford.

However, there is a section of Christmas gifting I need to address, the little presents. So the people that you’d like to acknowledge at Christmas but you don’t have to go overboard for. I usually deal with this with food and drink, jam is good, biscuits work, hand and body scrub. This year I thought I’d have a go at making fudge.  This was the recipe I used.

It’s soft, creamy fudge. Which is the way I like to eat it and this version is plain, which as my mother wanted me to know is the only type she enjoys. I didn’t use a non stick saucepan (because I don’t own one big enough), at the beating stage, I used a hand mixer and beat it for a good 10-15 minutes, I really don’t want to think about how long it would take if I’d done it by hand.


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