Harold Pinter

Last year, I saw Betrayal at the Donmar, and I loved it.  It was the second Pinter play I had seen (the first one being ‘The Caretaker’, which I wasn’t that keen on.)  Since then I have seen ‘The Lover/Collection’ and today ‘A Slight Ache’.

I didn’t see them ’cause Pinter wrote them but because of the actors in the plays.  But I’m struggling with him.  I just don’t get it.

A Slight Ache is beautifully acted, it’s a short play, originally written for radio.  And I was baffled.  And it wasn’t just me, as I came out there were lots of people scratching their heads.  Which is a shame.  I see a lot of theatre but it’s difficult to convince some of my friends that it’s worth seeing if it isn’t a ‘show’ or doesn’t have Dr Who in it.  So a hour long play, starting at 6pm, costing less than a tenner, might get people who aren’t sure about theatre. But not if it’s Pinter…….

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2 Responses to Harold Pinter

  1. tall-rich says:

    Have to confess I'm also not *quite* clever enough for Pinter. Some of it I find interesting / amusing, but I always feel I've not quite got the point he's trying to make…

  2. Nic Dempsey says:

    Betrayal was the only one I really understood and I think maybe 'cause it was based on his actual experience of having an affair. But the next play I'm going to see is Ivanov. From Pinter to Chekov, I'm not really making it easy for myself at the moment….

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