Greenbelt pictures

Got back on Tuesday.  It was fun and thought provoking and I did forget something, my socks in case you were wondering!!  And on Tuesday it didn’t all fit back into the suitcase!!

It’s overwhelming, even though compared to most festivals it’s very small.  Partly this was because I was with the guys from Grace, most of them have been going to Greenbelt for years and know loads of people there, so I did feel a bit ‘nic no mates’ and partly because if you do it right, the talks etc should make you think, which they did.  That I survived and enjoyed it, is largely down to Kathy and Adam.  Kathy took time to show me where everything was (including the best loos!!) and they both came to my rescue when it all got a bit much, for which I am very grateful.

The Grace service was on Monday and photos of it can be found here, I will eventually sort out the ones I took, but when I am less full of cold.

Beth Rowley was fab…

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