Recommended: Fussy Deodorant

Last year I changed deodorant, going from Sure to Fussy. This was part of my less plastic mission, and it’s been pretty easy to do. Fussy isn’t an anti-perspirant so there was an adjustment period, but I never got smelly (I still wash!). Fussy is probiotic based and unlike several natural deodorants I’ve tried (Wild – in both normal AND sensitive), doesn’t leave my armpits red and scaly. I’ve only ever used one scent (Wide Eyed) which is very subtly citrussy and works for me, it also doesn’t leave any white marks on my clothes.

Fussy is a subscription model, I started off with one case and one refill for £13 (currently £10) and they then send you 3 at a time at a cost of £15 and they estimate that you’ll use one refill a month. So like all of my waste/plastic reduction changes, it’s a more expensive option (I’m still mad that we don’t have a way of taxing things that are environmentally bad so that they are more expensive). However, I’ve used 7 refills over 10 months so it hasn’t been as expensive as I feared and it’s really handy not to have to remember to buy it, Fussy send you an email a week or so before which gives you the option to delay a delivery and it means I never run out.

Worth a try if you can afford it.

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