Monday Miscellany: No End in Sight

Happy Monday!

I spent most of last week being grumpy and feeling not very well (raging PMS) but finally got my period and I’m just my usual brand of peri menopausal grumpy. I did not feel good.

What else? The fridge freezers and kitchen were delivered on Tuesday, however, that two weeks in which they promised it would be done? Not going to happen, I can’t get in to paint the bedroom this weekend because they haven’t plastered the wall yet, something that should have been done, last week. I shouldn’t be surprised, it took them three weeks to build a porch, but I moved out so they could go quicker and while I love my Mum, we are both going to need to me to back in the flat (I’m still paying 43% of my monthly take home salary to live in) soon.

We popped in to pick up post and it’s a building site, as you can probably gather, I’m less than impressed. It’s not just the length of time it’s taking, it’s that I can’t plan anything because I have no fixed dates for anything. I need to paint the bedroom before I move anything back into it and so I can’t order the wardrobe because I don’t have any idea of when we’ll be able to do that. If I can’t put the bedroom furniture back in the bedroom, I can’t get to the kitchen stuff or the stuff that should go in the cupboard of doom. So it all daisy chains, and the builders don’t really get that there is a lot of work I have to do when they leave. In short, I’m cross and trying to be reasonable but it’s working my last nerve.

So my plans for this week are have a haircut today, I have a day off for that, and I’ll like to get Ma’s curtains up this afternoon and then work this week. I’m not going home until 25 February so the goal is not to annoy my Mum too much in the meantime!

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2 Responses to Monday Miscellany: No End in Sight

  1. Sharon says:

    I feel your pain, I’ve just had the ensuite refurbed but a few last minute problems mean I won’t be able to use it or get back into my bedroom until Tuesday at the earliest. First world problems, but it’s wearing…

    • nicdempsey says:

      Exactly, it feels like the goalposts are always moving. The date has moved again this week and it’s never earlier! We’re now at five weeks for a job that was supposed to take “two and a half weeks max”. It also doesn’t help that my brother is having much more work done and his builders are working to time! I hope you get back in your bedroom soon!

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