Allotment Adventures: Surprise

I’m still too far away from the plot to do much work on it, although this weekend we did visit to feed the birds and got a surprise.

So to set the background, I had been talking my plot neighbour a while ago about needing to cut back the trees at the back of the plot, because they were really impacting the light that the polytunnel got, I didn’t want a massacre but just to stop them overhanging the polytunnel. The thing is that if it’s going to be done, we’re in the last period of being able to do it before the birds start to nest. I sought of knew that it wasn’t going to get done this year because I wasn’t going to get back to the plot until March


So imagine my surprise to get to the plot on Saturday and find it done. My neighbour had seen they were burning on the communal plot, was doing some trimming of her own, knew I wasn’t around and did mine! I don’t know that it shows up in pictures but it’s so much lighter at the back now. It didn’t stop the robin coming to visit either!

After and not overhanging the poly

In other news, I bought some more seeds, so the other cherry tomatoes, will definitely be galina(yellow) and chocolate cherry. I also bought another squash (the Thelma Sanders Sweet Potato) and some more flowers, Night Scented Stock, to attract pollinator moths, and ‘After Midnight’ a breadseed poppy. All from Real Seeds and I really need to stop.

We are moving onto planning, now. I really need to get to the grass that is trying to take over the plot but for right now, I can do nothing. In March, I’ll start with the weeding, moving the raspberries (yes I know it’s not a great time) and turning the compost. Then move onto seed sowing, tidying the polytunnel, laying the patio, ordering compost and getting all the beds sorted for spring. I just need to wait for March and getting the flat sorted before I can start.

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